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Amina Maher

I Look Like My Mother (WT)


In search of the creation of an autonomous body, filmmaker Amina Maher retraces the trauma buried within her relationship with her family - notably with her filmmaker mother Mania Akbari, as Amina breaks her silence about who she is: A trans queer woman who was filmed as a little boy named Amin in Abbas Kiarostami´s Ten without her knowledge and consent, the exact time when a family member began to abuse her over four years sexually. Despite an oppressive perverse family, an abusive mother, and a patriarchal society that tries to mask and shut her down - in the process of honest self-realization and transitioning - Maher openly explores gender, sexuality, love, sex, and abuse, and searches for ways of coping to reclaim her body and her story. Her political body comes to occupy and collect multiple possible ‘voices’ – becoming ‘speaker, seer, and seen,’ understanding personal histories to be implicated in larger social formations and historical processes.

Amina Maher
Role of participant
Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Talent Lab
Doc Station 2023
Amina Maher
in development
Year of production
Running time
95 min
Documentary (Hybrid)
Countries of Production
France , Germany , Portugal , Switzerland , United Kingdom
Production Company
AWA Film Productions
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Talent Bio

Amina Maher is a queer woman filmmaker and artist who was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. Her works train her unblinking gaze on the breakdown of the family structure, shame culture, and patriarchal myths. The daughter of a war veteran started writing poems and short stories at a very early age. Her creative work is rooted in exploring interpersonal relationships, childhood memories, mental health, and self-realization with a mission to amplify trans and queer storylines. Having grown up painfully confused about gender, sexuality, love, abuse, and sex, Amina strives to navigate stories that unmask some of the most commonly messiest human beliefs, emotions, and desires. Her films have been part of Fid Marseille, San Sebastián Int. F. F, CPH: DOX, and Shorts Mexico among many others.


Amina Maher
AWA Film Production