Marché (to Go)

Project information

Talent Natalia Solórzano Vásquez
Role of participant Director, Editor
Director Natalia Solórzano Vásquez
Producer Yannick Nolin
Screenwriter Natalia Solórzano Vásquez
Status finished

Production details

Running time 7 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2015
Countries of Production Canada , Costa Rica
Production Company
Kinomada Québec
Website pw:kino2015

still / picture for Marché (to Go)
still / picture for Marché (to Go)


Latin music comes from the speakers outside 101 St Joseph, City of Quebec, and makes people turn their heads around. There it is the market “Marché La Fiesta”.
Cesar and Aida came from El Salvador to stay, 30 years ago. Both take us in a common work day, in which more than running a business, they became in the bond that links a lot of latin people with their roots. It’s a close look to the memory.

Participation in international festivals / awards

-Rdoc (Dominican Republic)
-Pachuca Film Festival (Mexico)