Amerika Otobüsü

The Bus To Amerika

Project information

Talent Derya Durmaz
Director Derya Durmaz
Producer Nefes Polat & Marsel Kalvo
Screenwriter Derya Durmaz
Status in development

Production details

Running time 95 min
Genre Children's Film
Year of production 2018
Country of Production Turkey
Production Companies
Mars Production, Turkey
Propeller Film, Germany
Les Films D'Antoine, France
No Sugar Films, Poland


10 years old Yazidi boy Sefran dreams of escaping the refugee camp he lives in, to go to America and becoming a pop star. But accidentally eating his religion's forbidden vegetable one day will lead him into the adult world, where he will face his fears and find his place in life…

still / picture for Amerika Otobüsü
still / picture for Amerika Otobüsü
still / picture for Amerika Otobüsü


10 years old Yazidi boy Sefran lives in a refugee camp in Turkey. He likes watching the suburban bus he calls “The Bus to Amerika” pass by the camp everyday and dreams of taking off on it to America to become a pop star. But mistakingly eating the forbidden vegetable of their religion one day, turns his daydreams of America into nightmares where he is chased by a monster lettuce.
Through the plots of a boy who likes Sefran’s girlfriend and takes this as a chance to get rid of him, the news of Sefran eating the forbidden vegetable gets more and more exaggerated and spreads among the camps children. One day Sefran overhears children talking to his best friends about how all his loved ones will be cursed and kicked out of the camp because of his sin. Sefran thinks he has no choice but to leave the camp to save them. One morning while everyone sleeps, he sneaks out of the camp and runs away on the Bus to Amerika.
Not to his surprise, the bus does not take him to America, but to downtown, where his courage and decisiveness gets tested and he finds himself at a familiar, yet unexpected place.