Serdhak The Golden Hill

Project information

Talent Rajan Kathet
Role of participant Director
Director Rajan Kathet
Producer Tsewang Rinzin Gurung, Min Bahadur Bham
Screenwriter Tsewang Rinzin Gurung
Status finished

Production details

Running time 74 min
Genre Native
Year of production 2014
Country of Production Nepal
Production Company
Chhaproma Productions, Shooney Films


A young man returns from the city to his village in the remote mountains of Mustang, in the Nepal Himalaya, with ideas to improve the lives of his people, but struggles to reconcile these with the existing realities.

still / picture for Serdhak The Golden Hill
still / picture for Serdhak The Golden Hill
still / picture for Serdhak The Golden Hill


Set in the barren but breathtaking mountains of Mustang, in the Nepal Himalaya, Serdhak The Golden Hill tells the story of everyday struggles of a hardy, high-altitude farming family, while depicting universal themes of love, longing, dreams and compromise.

Lhakpa, a young idealist and romantic, returns to his remote village with the hope of bringing modernity and progress there. But he must first learn to reconcile his city education with the harsh realities existing in the inhospitable terrain. A lone ramble up the mountains brings him back into contact with his childhood sweetheart Kunsang, who has now blossomed into a beautiful but enigmatic young woman. Initially, both maintain an appearance of disavowing their past but on a picnic with common friends their masks slip and reconciliation happens. Thereafter follows a brief spate of happiness as Lhakpa works in the farm, hangs out with Kunsang, and tries to fit into the pace of the village. But a sudden family bereavement and an offer of marriage for his sister means he must give up his dreams of becoming the first engineer of the village to take up full time responsibilities in the farm.

Serdhak The Golden Hill unfolds at a leisurely pace. The cast of nonprofessionals adds a realist charm to the characters. Plentiful local customs, music and dance show a mountain people who, although outwardly as rugged as the environment they live in, have their own brand of humour and humanity.

Serdhak The Golden Hill was shot on location in Mustang, the “lost kingdom”, straddling the Himalaya and the Tibetan plateau, and an important pilgrimage route for Buddhists and Hindus.

It is the first Nepali film to be written and performed by Mustangis in their native Mustangi Tibetan language.

Participation in international festivals / awards

# Seattle International Film Festival 2015
# Montreal World Film Festival 2015
# Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, KIMFF 2015
# Big River Film Festival, USA, 2016
# Cervino Cinemountain, Italy, 2016
# Festival Nits de cinema oriental de Vic, Spain (Asian Summer Film Festival) 2016
# Edinburgh Nepali Film Festival 2016