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Studio Circles

Thu 14 | 14:00 - 15:30 | HAU2

moderated by Pola Hahn

The Berlinale Talents Studios are laboratories for Talents of specific disciplines to explore, debate and test the most pressing questions and advances of their crafts. On the final day of the Talents week, the participants of each Studio convene to present key issues that were a focus of particular interest over the week to their colleagues. In a mobile format, actors, editors, cinematographers, production designers, sound designers, composers, dis­tri­butors and sales agents answer your ques­tions and share their practical knowledge. This networking event definitely brings the bigger picture of a truly multidisciplinary art form into focus.

photo of "Pola Hahn

Pola Hahn

While earning her degree in Cultural Studies and Political Science in Tübingen, Buenos Aires and Berlin, Pola Hahn began working for the Spanish and Latin American film festival CINELATINO in Southern Germany in 2010; two years later she became Festival Coordinator. After writing her thesis on the representation of migration in Latin American documentaries, she joined the women’s rights film festival Women’s Worlds and joined the Berlinale Talents team in 2016.