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Producers and Market Welcome

Sat 09 | 12:30 - 13:15 | HAU2

Christine Tröstrum, Florian Weghorn

Take good note. The Talents team presents the industry-driven events of the upcoming week to producers, distributors and sales agents. Find out which experts will be addressing topics like co-production, distribution strategies and the discussions about diversity and gender equality in the industry. Learn about resources and networking opportunities at the Berlinale Talents Market Hub, your home base at the European Film Market. And be sure to take notes on your fellow industry Talents and spot the people who spark your interest.

photo of "Christine Tröstrum

Christine Tröstrum

Christine Tröstrum is the Project Manager of Berlinale Talents. After working for several German and French film festivals, she managed the animation co-production market Cartoon Movie in Babelsberg and headed an international conference series, now known as Media Convention. She has managed Berlinale Talents since 2004, which she has co-run with Florian Weghorn since 2014. She also consults on the Talents International initiatives. In addition, she advises the festival on organisational development.
photo of "Florian Weghorn

Florian Weghorn

Florian Weghorn is the Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents. Together with Christine Tröstrum, he heads the initiative and advises its seven international offshoots and its alumni network. He holds an MA in Theatre, Film and Television Studies from the University of Cologne. He joined Berlinale Generation in 2002, serving as co-director and curator from 2008 to 2014, and is a member of the selection committee for the Berlinale Competition. He has written and edited several publications on film and youth culture.