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Meet the Expert: Crowdfunding

Mon 13 | 13:30 - 14:30 | HAU3 - Corner Room

Elise McCave

Following the session "Doc Different: Co-Producing Culture," meet Elise McCave, the Director of Narrative Film at Kickstarter. In an intimate setting, Elise can answer all your questions about the potential impacts of crowdfunding and how our partnership with the platform helps Talents to kick-start projects.

photo of "Elise McCave

Elise McCave

As Director of Narrative Film at Kickstarter, Elise McCave is responsible for working with filmmakers and film organizations worldwide to bring film and video projects to life, to build communities of support and to ensure the voices on Kickstarter come from all corners of the community, producing work that explores the form to the fullest. She was previously Deputy Director at BRITDOC, a non-profit working with documentary filmmakers based in London and New York.