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The Storytelling Trojka

14.02.2010 - Yann Dedet, Stephen Frears, Jasmila Zbanic

Where storytelling is concerned, the three different stages of the filmmaking process – the development of the script, shooting with actors and finally, the editing of the film – can crucially influence the narrative structure. But to what extent is it realistic to have the different players involved in all three stages of the filmmaking process? Known for making provocative, stylized, and tightly budgeted films about people living on society's social and /or sexual fringes (MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE, DANGEROUS LIAISONS), British director Stephen Frears will share the podium with Bosnian filmmaker Jasmila Žbanić, noted for the 2006 Golden Bear winning film GRBAVICA, and eminent editor Yann Dedet (THE AMERICAN NIGHT). In conversation with David M. Thompson, they talk about how they were able to enrich their own and the work of the other professionals involved, they will discuss how scriptwriters, editors and directors can contribute effectively to each other’s work from an early stage without curbing the independence of the craftsman in question and intruding on his or her creative space.


Yann Dedet

Eminent editor, he edited Truffaut’s THE AMERICAN NIGHT and Claire Denis’ NÉNETTE ET BONI as well as, more recently, Pascale Ferran’s LADY CHATTERLEY. He has worked with many well-known directors including Dušan Makavejev, Philippe Garrel and Laetitia Masson. He also teaches at the famous Parisian film school La Fémis.

Stephen Frears

photo of Stephen Frears
Academy Award® nominated film director, his cache of films include MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE, DANGEROUS LIAISONS, THE GIFTERS, DIRTY PRETTY THINGS and THE QUEEN. CHERI featured in the 2009 Berlinale Competition.

Jasmila Zbanic

photo of Jasmila Zbanic
Bosnian screenwriter, artist and director, she won the 2006 Golden Bear for GRBAVICA. In 1997 she founded the artists association Deblokada, through which she has directed and produced her films. Her film ON THE PATH was presented in the Berlinale Competition 2010 and distributed worldwide.