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Switching Roles: Multi-Talents in Film

11.02.2009 - Ben Gibson, Christoph Honoré, Rie Rasmussen, Til Schweiger

In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

The accomplished experts on this panel, their versatility matched only by their ambition, who shifted from one stream of filmmaking to another, narrate first hand experiences and the trying times that bridging the gap between two professions brings. The panel serves to investigate the difficulties they face taking this step, their expectations and the pressures involved in proving their capability vis-à-vis their new job. For most of them, it seems a natural progression to move on to writing or directing in contrast to the general public‘s tendency to pin people down to just one profession.

You will hear from actor turned directors, Rie Rasmussen, director and star of Luc Besson's Angel A. Christoph Honoré, who scripted and directed 17 Times Cécile Cassard, Les Chansons D’Amour and Ma Mère; and actor Til Schweiger, who juggled multiple jobs including direction and production in the making of, amongst others, Barfuss and Keinohrhasen. These multitalented professionals will discuss life behind – rather than in front of the camera, the hurdles they encountered and how they managed to keep it all together on and off set, as well as the (im)possibility of getting work in the original profession again.


Ben Gibson

photo of Ben Gibson
Ben Gibson is the director of the DFFB film school in Berlin. He was previously director of degree programmes at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and a visiting professor at Goldsmiths. From 2001 to 2014, he was director of the London Film School. He is a former independent producer and was head of production at the British Film Institute from 1988 to 1998. Before that he was a distributor, exhibitor, theatre director, film critic and journalist.

Christoph Honoré

Scriptwriter and director of 17 FOIS CÉCILE CASSARD, LES CHANSONS D'AMOUR, MA MERE and THE CLAN. He has also directed INSIDE PARIS and scripted the films GIRLS CAN'T SWIM, NOVO and THREE DANCING SLAVES.

Rie Rasmussen

Danish Actress, director and exclusive face of Gucci, she acted in Brian de Palma’s FEMME FATAL and Luc Besson’s ANGEL-A. She wrote and directed various short films such as THINNING THE HERD, and THE DRESSED ONE. Her debut film HUMAN ZOO was screened at Panorama in 2009. She also directed ROMANCE IN THE DARK.

Til Schweiger

German actor, he won the Max-Ophüls award for his role as boxer in EBBIE'S BLUFF. He was actor/co-writer/producer of KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR, and actor/director/producer on DER EISBÄR, BARFUSS, and KEINOHRHASEN 2. He also acted in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.