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Neither Wrong Nor Right: Interactive Series

11.02.2019 - Bass Breche, Amin Dora, moderated by Meredith Burkholder

Just how tricky can online storytelling get? Talents Alums, writer Bass Breche and director Amin Dora, the Lebanese architects of numerous interactive web series (Shankaboot.tv, undocumented.xyz), share the intricacies of scripting stories and alternatives. The narrative format is a challenge in itself, as the storytellers engage audiences on the other side of the computer screen with stories and choices folded into a few minutes of film. Although this session departs from practicalities such as the writing, editing and online presentation of a web series, we can click on the opportunity to tackle bigger questions. Indeed, if interactive storytelling presents us with seemingly endless choices, what does this do to our sense of wrong and right? Under the threat of censorship, their choice to tell stories online is anything but anecdotal.


Bass Breche

photo of Bass Breche
Bass Breche is an award-winning scriptwriter and a director. Since 2007, he has directed three shorts: BOTH (2007), which premiered at the Cannes Critics’ Week, ZIU (2013) and FREE RANGE (2014). He has written a number of web series and films: SHANKABOOT (2009), which won an International Digital Emmy in 2011, FASATEEN (2012), THE LITTLE DROP (2015), UNDOCUMENTED (2017) and ALEPH (2017). He is the founder and director of Scenario Beirut. Currently he is working on his feature film THE MAIDEN’S POND.

Amin Dora

photo of Amin Dora
Amin Dora is a Lebanese film director and visual artist. His series SHANKABOOT was the world’s first Arabic web drama and won an International Digital Emmy in 2011. Following up on his stop-motion short GREYSCALE, his debut feature GHADI won the KNN Audience Award in Busan and was Lebanon’s official Oscar entry in 2014. His interactive miniseries UNDOCUMENTED received over 60 million views within a month and has won awards at the Raindance Film Festival, Webfest Berlin and NZ Web Fest.

Moderated by

Meredith Burkholder

photo of Meredith Burkholder

Meredith Burkholder is the founder and CEO of the first international, digital short form series festival in Germany, Webfest Berlin. Before relocating to Germany, she studied Art History at Boston University and spent 10 years producing photo and TV in New York City. She is also the founder and CEO of Ensoki Productions. The 5th edition of Webfest Berlin will take place on Sept 12-14, 2019.