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Chew on This: Time to Reveal Truth

19.02.2018 - Eric Schlosser, moderated by Hans von Trotha

On fast food, prison, drugs or nuclear bombs, journalist, producer and this year's Berlinale Documentary Jury member Eric Schlosser is a tracking dog with a sensitive nose for power, politics and other machinations. His work stands for the power of investigative journalism, capable of depicting and shedding light on the uncomfortable truths of our societies. But how does his prying investigative research jump from the page to become mind-changing films such as Food, Inc., The Bomb, and Fast Food Nation?Schlosser reveals his strategies to develop a feeling for the right stories and the challenges of faithfully translating these into authentic documentary films.


Eric Schlosser

photo of Eric Schlosser
Eric Schlosser is an investigative journalist, playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He is the author of the international bestseller “Fast Food Nation” (2001) and of the Pulitzer-finalist “Command and Control.” As a producer, he worked on Richard Linklater’s screen adaptation of FAST FOOD NATION, Paul Thomas Anderson’s THERE WILL BE BLOOD and the Oscar-nominated documentary FOOD, INC., which screened at the Berlinale in 2009. He co-directed the experimental THE BOMB, which was shown at the Berlinale in 2017.

Moderated by

Hans von Trotha

photo of Hans von Trotha

After writing his dissertation on the relationship between literature, philosophy and gardening in the 18th century, Hans von Trotha became an internationally acknowledged expert on the art of gardening, interpreting the landscape garden as a forerunner of film. After working for 10 years as the director of an art book publishing company, he now freelances as an author, curator and consultant. He also works for Deutschlandfunk Kultur and on a long-term consulting project for the Berlinale.