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Lighting the Future: Blade Runner 2049

19.02.2018 - Titusz Badonics, Krisztián Paluch, moderated by Andrew Amondson

The Los Angeles of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 is a bleak and smoggy noir, a vision of a dystopic and inhospitable world in ruin. The film’s intensely atmospheric mise-en-scene was realised with cutting-edge lighting technology and the craftsmanship of creative people such as gaffer Krisztián Paluch and lighting programmer Titusz Badonics. Presenting the centrality of lighting to the storytelling and explaining how the crew collaborated with Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins, the experts demystify the daily routines, challenges, troubleshoots and fixes that the production team faced when shining a light on our future world of 2049.


Titusz Badonics

photo of Titusz Badonics
Titusz Badonics is a grandMA ninja, bitmap pirate, confused dad and winner of the annual sandwich-eating championship who offers personal service to satisfied filmmakers worldwide. The Hitchhiker’s Guide has the following to say about him: natural-born rock ‘n rolla, can make rainbows anytime in the night, offspring of Dimmopulos Repetopulous, ancient Greek god of sparks. Has worked on: 47 RONIN, ATOMIC BLONDE, BLADERUNNER 2049, COLETTE, EMERALD CITY, RED SPARROW, RIVERBED, SPY, STRIKE BACK.

Krisztián Paluch

photo of Krisztián Paluch
Kristián Paluch started working in the movie business 20 years ago. He participated in master classes with Vilmos Zsigmond and László Kovács, and has been a gaffer since 2007. Among others, he has worked with Andrew Dunn on GOOD, with John Mathieson on 47 RONIN, with Dariusz Wolski on MARTIAN, with Salvatore Tottino on INFERNO and with Roger Deakins on BLADE RUNNER 2049. In addition to movies, he works on international TV commercials and series.

Moderated by

Andrew Amondson

photo of Andrew Amondson

Andrew Amondson is an independent producer, director and creative whose work includes Emmy award-winning nonfiction series and narrative and documentary films, the most recent of which was commissioned by the Wim Wenders Foundation. He was a member of the Berlinale Talents selection committee from 2004 to 2007, responsible for developing and curating a number of special programmes. Andrew is based in Berlin and Los Angeles.