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Visual Storytelling: A World Behind the Image

20.02.2018 - Lauren Greenfield, Kevin B. Lee, Dana Linssen

There are images everywhere around us, and not only in the form of films. So how do visual creators literally imagine the world, and how does the world imagine us? Originally educated as a social anthropologist, Lauren Greenfield (Generation Wealth, Panorama) found her voice as a photographer and documentarist when she was uncovering a universe of unknown stories through her portrayals of rich kids in the 1990s Los Angeles. Video essayist Kevin B. Lee works with existing material, such as that of filmmakers, terrorists and social media stars, creating new meaning through composition and analysis. Uncovering the stories behind images, Lee and Greenfield investigate the potentials of visual culture as well as the social forces trying to shape our imaginations. Ultimately the creator's world view becomes a struggle for autonomy.


Lauren Greenfield

photo of Lauren Greenfield
Emmy Award-winning photographer/filmmaker Lauren Greenfield chronicles youth culture, gender and consumerism in her monographs (Girl Culture, Fast Forward, Thin) and documentaries such as THIN, KIDS+MONEY and THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, which won her the Best Documentary Director Award at Sundance. Her monograph Generation Wealth was released in 2017, and an accompanying exhibition is currently touring major international museums. Her documentary film GENERATION WEALTH recently premiered at Sundance.

Kevin B. Lee

photo of Kevin B. Lee
A 2004 alumnus of Berlinale Talents, Kevin B. Lee is a video essayist and a pioneer of the desktop documentary format. He is a 2018 Sundance Institute Art of Nonfiction Grantee and a European Media Artist Platform (EMAP) Artist in Residence.

Dana Linssen

photo of Dana Linssen
Dana Linssen is a Dutch film critic, philosopher and writer. She is editor-in-chief of de Filmkrant magazine; long-term film critic for NRC Handelsblad; founder of The Slow Criticism Project, a counterbalance to the commodification of film criticism; and curator of the Critics’ Choice at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. She is also a recipient of the Louis Hartlooper Award for Film Journalism and of the Silver Rosebud Award for her work as a film critic at large and at de Filmkrant.