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In Transit: Thrown into the World

21.02.2018 - Barbara Auer, Christian Petzold, moderated by Ben Gibson

German auteur film director Christian Petzold (Yella; Barbara) shares the invisible inspirations for his new feature film Transit, which premieres in this year's Competition. Based on Anna Segher's famous novel of the same name, Petzold had originally developed the script together with later deceased filmmaker and friend Harun Farocki: “Transit was our favourite book, we read it once a year. It's actually our story: this being-thrown-into-the-world.“ In this talk, Petzold and actor Barbara Auer revisit the production process. They explain how they uncovered, rethought and refreshed the core and characters of the historical narration in intensive dialogues and rehearsals with the cast and crew, whom Petzold calls his “partisan group.“


Barbara Auer

photo of Barbara Auer

Christian Petzold

photo of Christian Petzold
Christian Petzold studied German and Theatre at Freie Universität Berlin and film at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). While there, he worked as an assistant director to Harun Farocki and Hartmut Bitomsky. His film DIE INNERE SICHERHEIT (The State I Am In) won the German Film Award in Gold. After showing his films GESPENSTER (Ghosts) and YELLA in the Berlinale Competition, he won the Silver Bear for Best Director with BARBARA in 2012. TRANSIT is showing in Competition this year.

Moderated by

Ben Gibson

photo of Ben Gibson

Ben Gibson is the director of the DFFB film school in Berlin. He was previously director of degree programmes at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and a visiting professor at Goldsmiths. From 2001 to 2014, he was director of the London Film School. He is a former independent producer and was head of production at the British Film Institute from 1988 to 1998. Before that he was a distributor, exhibitor, theatre director, film critic and journalist.