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Looking Ahead: Meet Your Future Audience

15.02.2016 - Paul Tyler

To "think of your audience" from the beginning of project development is one of the advices filmmakers often hear. But how can we actually get to know those audiences before they show up in the cinema? Paul Tyler, inventor of the "Handling Ideas" method, takes inner notions of a film's future audience out of the filmmaker's head and maps them with LEGO® on the table. Tyler introduces us to a method to literally see an assumed audience from birds-eye view and learn how it feels and deals with the story. Tyler leads Talents through a practical case study, blending a journalistic approach to interviewing with the techniques used in other creative industries to visualize ideas, enable collaboration and unlock decision-making.


Paul Tyler

photo of Paul Tyler
After a 20 year career spanning TV, cross-media and theater, Paul set up Handling Ideas to speed up how products, services, stories and campaigns are built and delivered. He’s worked with 70 clients, 400 projects in 19 countries, including CPH:DOX, EAVE, Sources 2, Venice Biennale College, STHML Debut, Entertainment Master Class, Boost, Nordisk Film and TV Fond and FIPA.