Endless Space: Body Movement Beyond Limits

11.02.2015 - Mikey Brett, Francesca Jaynes, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, moderated by Florian Weghorn

    Physical space gets dramatically activated and takes on scale and dimension by the movement of actors' bodies within it, and Sandra Bullock’s graceful floating and swimming through space in Alfonso Cuarón’s GRAVITY remains one of the most memorable images from last year’s cinema experience. Acting coach and mentor of the Acting Studio JeanLouis Rodrigue will share his knowledge on body movement in cinematic space. Movement coach Francesca Jaynes and puppeteer Mikey Brett, both of whom worked with Bullock to simulate her character’s unfolding ordeal in zero gravity, refer to choreography and the mechanics of puppetry to explain how they enabled a freedom of movement that would otherwise not have been possible.


    Mikey Brett

    photo of Mikey Brett
    Puppeteer from London. On stage he has worked for “War Horse” at the National Theatre of Great Britain, and for the Royal Opera House. For TV he was Senior Puppeteer for BBC’s STRANGE HILL HIGH and made puppets for BBC’s MONGRELS. His film work includes puppeteer for MUPPETS MOST WANTED and movement artist for GRAVITY.

    Francesca Jaynes

    photo of Francesca Jaynes
    Choreographer and movement director, who has worked with directors like Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and Mike Leigh and actors like Andy Serkis, Christoph Waltz, Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly on films such as A.I., GREAT EXPECTATIONS, GRAVITY, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and many more. She also is an award-winning writer and director of short films.

    Jean-Louis Rodrigue

    photo of Jean-Louis Rodrigue
    An internationally renowned acting coach and movement director, Jean-Louis Rodrigue has coached Leonardo DiCaprio in J. EDGAR, Josh Brolin in W and Mary McDonnell in her Oscar-nominated performance in PASSION FISH. His clients include Juliette Binoche, Paul Dano, Helena Bonham Carter and Ang Lee. He is Co-Director of AlexanderTech Works and is on the faculty of the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

    Moderated by

    Florian Weghorn

    photo of Florian Weghorn

    Florian has been the programme manager of Berlinale Talents since 2014. Together with Christine Tröstrum he is responsible for the yearly summit in Berlin and the further development of the six offshoots of Berlinale Talents worldwide. Florian studied theatre, film and television studies at the University of Cologne, and gained a master’s degree majoring in the ‘Visual Language of Melancholy in Film’. Florian joined the Berlin International Film Festival in 2002, initially working for the Generation section. From 2008 to 2014 he served as the section’s co-director and as a curator of its short and feature-length film programmes. He is also a member of the selection committee for the Berlinale Competition. Apart from the Berlinale, Florian worked for other international film festivals and cultural institutions. He is an author and editor of several publications addressing film and youth culture.