Cross Media II: How to Engage Your Audience

09.02.2015 - Raphaëlle Huysmans, Timo Vuorensola, moderated by Liz Rosenthal

    The internet and interactivity have transformed audience culture, behaviour and storytelling. As audiences demand story experiences that are increasingly more social and interactive, this fundamental change in expectation creates new challenges for filmmakers and storytellers. Raphaëlle Huysmans will showcase the docu-game FORT MCMONEY, and Timo Vuorensola comes back to Berlin to share the latest ideas on his cross media cult hit IRON SKY UNIVERSE.


    Raphaëlle Huysmans

    photo of Raphaëlle Huysmans
    French-Canadian multi-platform producer. In 2008 she started as a project manager of several television and web projects at the multi-platform production house TOXA. She is handling the development, financing and production of TOXA’s TV and interactive projects. Among others, she has overseen the production of DISPARUS, a humorous interactive investigation (, the documentary game and film FORT MCMONEY (NFB/ARTE) and the TV series TAMY@UK (Évasion).

    Timo Vuorensola

    photo of Timo Vuorensola
    Finnish writer and director. After short films and music videos he directed STAR WRECK and started an unprecedented online campaign for his audience to fund, contribute and participate in his project IRON SKY, which he directed and which became an international breakout hit. Timo is currently working on the sequel and further projects. He has also set up a crowdfunding consulting company Spaceboy, which is consulting film- and other productions to hit and go beyond their crowdfunding goal.

    Moderated by

    Liz Rosenthal

    photo of Liz Rosenthal

    An expert in interactive, VR and cross-platform storytelling and business models, Liz Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of the leading innovation company Power to the Pixel, based in London. Power to the Pixel advises organisations on innovation strategies, development labs, markets and programmes and helps creators and businesses to ideate and finance stories that engage connected audiences.