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High Season: Serial Storytelling and Producing

10.02.2015 - Roberto Amoroso, Edward Berger, Antony Root, Paul Trijbits, Anna Winger, Jörg Winger

    Accomplished television and film producer Paul Trijbits (FISH TANK, THE CASUAL VACANCY) will dive into familiar depths and unveil the methods and workflows of serial storytelling and producing. In the first half of this extended session, entitled 'Episode 1: There is Space for More – Creative Storytelling from the Idea to the Set,' Trijbits will welcome the masterminds behind the brand new German series DEUTSCHLAND 83. Creators Anna Winger and Jörg Winger join to deliver a keynote presentation followed by a discussion with series lead director Edward Berger (Jack) about the principles and methods of their work and how the serial format lends itself to creactive collaboration and new production paradigms. After a short intermission, Trijbits will shift gears to 'Episode 2: Seasonal Greetings – Local and International Drama Series Production' and welcomes Antony Root (HBO Europe) to deliver a keynote talk about his years of experience spearheading drama series productions tailor-made for the rising local markets in Eastern Europe (UMBRE). Roberto Amoroso, Sky Italia executive and teacher at "Serial Eyes," a Berlin-based post-grad course on TV writing and producing, will shed insight on highprofile drama series production (1992).


    Roberto Amoroso

    photo of Roberto Amoroso
    Creative director of Sky Italia, which he joined from the beginning in 2003 and where he commissioned such TV hits as ROMANZO CRIMINALE and most recently GOMORRHA, both of which have been sold into more than 100 countries. He previously worked for Sundance Channel in the US and for Universal Networks in Rome. He also produced an Oscar-nominated short film in 2008 and has received several television awards.

    Edward Berger

    photo of Edward Berger
    German filmmaker, who studied in New York before returning to Germany and establishing himself with films like GOMEZ, FEMALE2 SEEKS HAPPY END and a couple of TV movies that won several awards and even an International Emmy nomination. His feature JACK about a ten-year-old searching for his disappeared mother was in last year's Berlinale Competition.

    Antony Root

    photo of Antony Root
    British television executive and producer. His work in Great Britain led him from the BBC to Euston Films and later to becoming head of production for Working Title Television, head of drama at Thames Television, and head of international drama at Granada TV. After several years in Los Angeles he returned to Britain as senior vice president for European production at Sony Pictures Television, and since 2011 as executive vice president for original programming and production at HBO Europe. He has worked with directors like John Schlesinger and Derek Jarman, and his TV productions have won BAFTA and Peabody Awards as well as nominations for Primetime Emmys and Golden Globes.

    Paul Trijbits

    photo of Paul Trijbits
    Co-CEO of UK film and television production company FilmWave. He was previously Managing Director at Ruby Films & Television, and before that the Head of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund. His production credits include Cary Fukunaga's JANE EYRE, Stephen Frears's TAMARA DREWE, Paul Greengrass's BLOODY SUNDAY, Andrea Arnold's FISHTANK and Kevin McDonald's TOUCHING THE VOID. He recently produced the BAFTA and Golden Globe-nominated SAVING MR. BANKS, J.K. Rowling's THE CASUAL VACANY, an event television series for the BBC and HBO. His latest film, Vincent Perez’s ALONE IN BERLIN, premiers in the Competition of this year’s Berlinale, while John Carney’s SING STREET premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

    Anna Winger

    photo of Anna Winger
    An American writer living in Berlin since 2002. DEUTSCHLAND 83, which will be featured in this year's Berlinale Special, is her first television series. Her novel “This Must Be the Place” is published by Riverhead/Penguin. Her radio show for NPR Worldwide, “Berlin Stories”, has been on-air since 2009. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Cicero and Condé Nast Traveler, among other publications. She was raised in Kenya, Massachusetts and Mexico and educated in New York, at Columbia.

    Jörg Winger

    photo of Jörg Winger
    Producer at UFA Fiction. He has been Showrunner of the prime time crime series SOKO Leipzig since 2000. In 2012 he created “Trigger”, the Google-sponsored Original YouTube crime channel, for which he developed many online formats including the animated series, SERIAL KILLERS, the first online series sold to a TV network in Germany. He received a master's degree in Economics from Cologne University. His latest series DEUTSCHLAND 83 will be featured in this year's Berlinale Special.