The Indie Filmmakers' Guide To Cross Media II

10.02.2014 - Katerina Cizek, Liz Rosenthal

    The Internet and interactivity have transformed the documentary, and documentarians are reinventing the language of storytelling on the web. Documentarian Katerina Cizek retraces her tracks in interventionist media-making through the digital age and goes under the hood of her multi-award winning projects to explore a new kind of practice. With clips and behind-the-scenes stories, Cizek charts her personal, political and technological transformations from her early independent days when she picked up “any media necessary” (still cameras, darkrooms, video and early desktop publishing) to harness the power of documentary, through to the Webby and Emmy winning Highrise project. Highrise is multi-platform interactive documentary project at the National Film Board of Canada that explores the human condition of vertical living around the globe.


    Katerina Cizek

    photo of Katerina Cizek
    Czech-Canadian digital documentarian. At the National Film Board of Canada, she has helped redefine the organization as one of the world’s leading digital content hubs, first with the Webby-winning Filmmaker-in-Residence and now, with the Emmy-winning HIGHRISE, a multi-year, multiple-media experiment.

    Liz Rosenthal

    photo of Liz Rosenthal
    An expert in interactive, VR and cross-platform storytelling and business models, Liz Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of Power to the Pixel, a leading innovation company based in London. Power to the Pixel advises organisations on innovation strategies, development labs, markets and programmes and helps creators and businesses to develop and finance stories that engage connected audiences.