5D The Science of Fiction: Shaping New Worlds

11.02.2014 - Ed Cookson, Juan DiazB, Patrick Hanenberger, Tawny Schlieski

    World Building designates an iterative and collaborative narrative practice in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story, producing new worlds beyond the rules of the reality in which we live. This World Building panel with experts including production designer Patrick Hanenberger (2012), Ed Cookson, project director of the London 2012 Olympics‘ digital content, and Tawny Schlieski from the Intel Labs will discuss ways to build experiences and worlds in which stories unfold in new mind-blowing ways, redefining the limits of design and narrative, moving into a landscape where art and science, design and engineering are inseparable.


    Ed Cookson

    photo of Ed Cookson
    Project Director with a passion for engaging audiences through experiences that combine physical and digital technologies with a refined creative design approach. His work includes delivery of several key digital experiences for the London 2012 Olympics, including the Audience Pixels content for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

    Juan DiazB

    photo of Juan DiazB
    Juan DiazB is European Director of the World Building Institute, a research unit at the University of Southern California focusing on the future of narrative media. He is also the creative director of Kosmology, which develops film and transmedia projects in Europe and America, including TORPOR, a reflection on environmental degradation, the multi-platform narrative ORIGEN and the transmedia project WE ARE THE HEAT. He has won multiple awards as a designer, director and writer.

    Patrick Hanenberger

    photo of Patrick Hanenberger
    Production designer for DreamWorks Animation. He worked as a visual development artist on movies like MEGAMIND and BEE MOVIE and was productiojn designer for RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. He also worked on non-animation films like GULLIVER'S TRAVELS and Roland Emmerich's 2012. He teaches at the Art Center College of Design and previously worked as a concept artist at Centropolis Entertainment and Davis Entertainment, and as a storyboard artist.

    Tawny Schlieski

    photo of Tawny Schlieski
    Research scientist in Intel’s Interaction & Experience Research group. She is a member of the 5D Institute and of the Futurecasting team, interlinking ethnography, technology, markets and imagination. Her recent research has focused on the impact of technology on the broad ecosystem of media and storytelling, including the challenges and opportunities of 3D, computational photography, fan fiction, and multi-media story platforms.