Pride and Prejudice: Southern European Filmmakers Report

12.02.2013 - Thanos Anastopoulos, Vincenzo Bugno, Salomé Lamas, Elina Psikou

    All eyes having been on Southern Europe this past year, and discussions have been influenced by finger-pointing, prejudices and one-dimensional judgements. Featuring a new and energetic generation of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese filmmakers all telling strong stories influenced by the economic crisis, this panel gives an insider‘s view on the current state of the Southern European film industry, and also discusses the effect of emerging talents leaving Southern Europe, how cinema reflects and influences political debates, and what opportunities are available for filmmakers to join forces, strengthen collaboration and fight stereotypes.


    Thanos Anastopoulos

    photo of Thanos Anastopoulos
    Greek director, writer and producer. He has directed short films, documentaries and theatre plays. His first feature ALL THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD premiered at Rotterdam, his second CORRECTION at the Berlinale. His latest film THE DAUGHTER was screened at the 2013 Berlinale Forum section.

    Vincenzo Bugno

    photo of Vincenzo Bugno
    Vincenzo Bugno co-initiated, manages and is a jury member of the World Cinema Fund. He is a Berlinale delegate for Italy and the Maghreb and Mashreq countries, and is a member of the Berlinale Competition Selection Committee. Previously, among others, he was on the programming committee of the Locarno Film Festival and headed their Open Doors initiative. A former journalist and film critic, he has contributed to newspapers, magazines and TV channels such as Corriere della sera, ARTE, ZDF, Tele+ and Sky Italy.

    Salomé Lamas

    photo of Salomé Lamas
    Portuguese visual artist, filmmaker, lecturer and 2013 Berlinale Talents participant. Her films have been screened both in art spaces and film festivals in Portugal and abroad, winning several awards. Her feature NO MAN´S LAND swept most of the domestic awards at Doclisboa and screened in the 2013 Berlinale Forum section.

    Elina Psikou

    photo of Elina Psikou
    Greek writer and director and a Campus alumna (2007). She has written and directed two short films and is a partner at Guanaco Film production company. Her first feature film THE ETERNAL RETURN OF ANTONIS PARASKEVAS has recently received the first award of the Works in Progress section in Karlovy Vary and premiered in the 2013 Berlinale Forum.