Long-Term Love: Working with Creative Producers

10.02.2013 - Ido Abram, Christine Camdessus, Bart van Langendonck, Arnaud Pasquali

    What exactly is the role of a creative producer? And how are they integral to the creative development, production and distribution of a film? MEDIA aims to support creative producers within the European Union, with an interest in those who not only have an eye for finding talent and spotting promising projects, but can structure and stimulate the team, bring in external advisors, support and collaborate with directors on content, have marketing strategies, and can help build talent long-term. In conversation with Arnaud Pasquali from MEDIA, creative producers discuss many aspects of their role.


    Ido Abram

    photo of Ido Abram
    Director of Presentation and Communications of the Eye Film Institute Netherlands, also head of programming and distribution. Eye is both a film museum and the national film institute of the Netherlands. Before he joined Eye, he was the director of the Binger Filmlab and CineMart Director at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

    Christine Camdessus

    photo of Christine Camdessus
    Former CEO of Gaumont Television, who launched her own documentary production company Alegria in 2001. Productions include THE HOUSE OF SAUD and HAMMER AND TICKLE. She is a Jury member and permanent expert at the Nipkow programme. She was director of the Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA) from 2000 to 2011 and was elected to the board of USPA, member of European Documentary Network and of the European Film Academy.

    Bart van Langendonck

    photo of Bart van  Langendonck
    Belgian producer. After a career in music management he produced documentaries, dance films and feature films. He founded Savage Film, where he produced features like BULLHEAD and ANTON CORBIJN INSIDE OUT. He participated in Eurodoc, Documentary Campus, Eave, Ace etc.

    Arnaud Pasquali

    photo of Arnaud Pasquali
    Arnaud Pasquali is head of MEDIA Promotion (markets and festivals) and MEDIA Training at Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), the EU institution in charge of implementing the MEDIA programme.