Set In the City: Depicting Urban Africa

10.02.2013 - Philippe Lacôte, Nisha Naidoo

    Contemporary life in Africa is greatly defined by the rapidly evolving urbanism. Emerging filmmakers present their latest work, in which megacities play a decisive role, ranging from Kenyan filmmaker Tosh Gitonga (Nairobi Half Life) to French-Ivorian filmmaker Philippe Lacôte, currently working on a project for the new short film series “African Metropolis“. They will discuss how they integrate city images in a filmic language, treating the city as one of the story’s characters.


    Philippe Lacôte

    photo of Philippe Lacôte
    French-Ivorian director and producer. His short films THE MESSENGER and AFFAIRE LIBINSKI were shown at several international festivals. His work includes the first-person documentaries CAIRO HOURS and CHRONICLES OF WAR IN THE IVORY COAST as well as his upcoming feature debut RUN. He also produced BURN IT UP DJASSA, which screened in Berlinale Panorama 2013.

    Nisha Naidoo

    photo of Nisha Naidoo
    South African festival manager and film programmer. She was manager at the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and the Sithengi Cinema Festival and now manages the Durban International Film Festival.