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12 Feb 2019

08:45 - 10:00

Early Bird Breakfast

Hosted by Telefilm Canada.


09:00 - 20:00

Berlinale Talents Market Hub

In partnership with VFF.

10:00 - 11:00

Talents Circles: Nobody’s Perfect

moderated by AC Coppens
Inspired by the theme “Nobody’s Perfect,” in­dustry experts highlight the value of inno­vative approaches and collaboration in Cana­da and beyond its borders. Representatives of Telefilm Canada reply to all your questions concerning the production conditions in the Canadian audio-visual industry, while a repre­­sentative of the Toronto International Film Festi­val discusses the role that innovation plays in film festivals. Filmmakers and pro­ducers from current Canadian co-pro­duc­tions will also pitch in.

Kathleen Drumm from Toronto International Film Festival
Kelly Edwards, HBO Senior Vice President, Talent Development
Tyler Hagan, Lori Lozinski and Alan Milligan, Producers I The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open
Nyla Innuksuk Director I Slash/Back and Christopher Yurkevich, Alex Ordanis Producers I Slash/Back
Dorota Lech from Hot Docs Canadian Documentary International
Michel Pradier from Telefilm Canada and Pascal Plante, Director


10:00 - 16:00

Sound Studio Workshop I

Peter Albrechtsen, Gregorio García Karman, Martin Steyer
In cooperation with the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Akademie der Künste.

A crystal vase crashes, a piano plays madly on the ground floor, a child begins to wail. Sounds are often stories in their own right. Knowing this, the Sound Studio focuses on the development of sound and music in both documentaries and fiction films, bringing sound designers and composers together with the aim of creating unique forms of sonic storytelling. The participants benefit from a two-day workshop, led by mentors with lifetime experiences in their crafts and the spirit to improvise and try the unknown. By listening to and working with files brought in by the Talents from their home towns, different acoustic story worlds shall meet, collide, connect, and thereby influence and be influenced by the unique workshop space: Berlinale Talents proudly cooperates again with the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Akademie der Künste, a time machine into the living history of sound and a laboratory for performative and digital art.


10:30 - 13:00

Talents Walk: Silent Green

In cooperation with Berlinale Forum Expanded.

Silent Green is a one-of-a-kind art venue that sees itself as a space for thinking, research and experimentation. It is home to the Harun Farocki Institute, the film archive of the Arse­nal Institute of Film and Video Art, as well as – for the first time – the main exhibition of Fo­rum Expanded. Those of you interested in curation should not miss this opportunity to find out more about the decisions behind this year’s programme “ANTIKINO (The Sir­en’s Echo Chamber),” which seeks to unpick the contemporary systems of valorisation in cine­ma from within the 1,600 square meters of the Betonhalle on the grounds of what used to be Berlin’s oldest crematorium.


11:00 - 12:00

EFM Discovery Tour 1

Sydney Levine
In cooperation with European Film Market.

The European Film Market (EFM) is the in­dus­try centre of the Berlinale and a major hub for international film professionals in­cluding dis­tri­­butors, buyers, producers, financiers and sales agents. Located at the Gro­pius-Bau and the Marriott Hotel, the EFM offers a bust­ling nine-day trade fair attended by 9,500 parti­ci­pants from 100 countries and where over 700 films are presented. Sydney Levine, a pione­er­ing acquisitions executive, con­ducts two tours of the EFM’s inner workings for first-timers.


11:00 - 12:30

Meet the Expert: Casting

Iris Baumüller
Casting director Iris Baumüller has been in­volved in the discovery and promotion of new acting talent for many years for both German and international film and TV productions. She answers your questions about the cre­ative and logistical dimensions of matching actors and projects.


11:30 - 13:00

Room for All: A Safer Set Workshop

Paula Alamillo, Sonja Klümper, Erika Lust, Ines Moldavsky
Take a leading role in reimagining decision-cul­ture on set and hear more about the daily struggles that shape the experiences of many filmmakers! In the company of director Erika Lust, Talents alums producers Paula Alamillo and Sonja Klümper encourage discussion about ethical principles on set. Like-minded people here get a chance to reflect on prac­tises and swap contacts so that trustworthy relationships can also be enduring ones.


11:30 - 13:00

Better Be Careful: Intimate Dialogues

Manuel Abramovich, Dana Linssen, Jan Soldat
Supported by Goethe-Institut.

Come closer: film critic and philosopher Dana Linssen, an expert in the art of interviewing, invites directors Jan Soldat and Manuel Abramovich to openly discuss the conversations constructed and conducted in their works. While sharing an interest for characters often unnoticed or misrepresented (hence not always easily approachable), each director develops distinct means of creating proximity or maintaining professional distance within the documentary format. Jan’s practise often involves direct dialogues between him and his leads, whereas Manuel’s latest film (selected for this year’s Berlinale Shorts) writes the process of approaching protagonists into the finished work. Kickstarted by excerpts from their works, this conversation will include many voices, on and off screen.


12:00 - 13:15

Talents Pool 2: Improvise to Improve

moderated by Natascha Noack
Who decides what counts as a mistake anyway? The Talents Pool is an interactive format which brings participants from different fields of work together. Your host of the morning is dancer and choreographer Natascha Noack, who works at the intersection of language, film, music and movement. After a warm-up through practical exercises, your views take centre stage when it comes to putting your perspectives on what's 'right' and 'wrong' in relation to those of the others in the group. Departing from the notion that film is the product of ideas exchanged, you are invited to join your fellow Talents on the often beneficial detours caused by mistake-making.


14:00 - 16:00

Festival Film Screening: Knives and Skin

Jennifer Reeder, USA, 2019, 111 min.
In cooperation with Berlinale Generation.

© Newcity Chicago Film Project

A small town in Midwestern USA. For the local teens, high school life would be incomplete without football teams, marching bands, and mascots. Meanwhile, adults are preoccupied with desire, midlife crises and marital problems. But the disappearance of Carolyn Harper tears the facade of normality for the townsfolk. Fear and loss cause the members of Carolyn’s circle to develop desperate coping strategies as they are forced to confront their own shallow lives. Talents alumna Jennifer Reeder creates a mysterious world, reinterpreting genre elements taken from magical realism, musicals, absurd comedies and film noir. The result is a dazzling neo-noir feminist thriller that bathes contemporary themes in a garish light.


14:00 - 15:30

Facts Made Film: Researching Fiction

Danielle Macdonald, Labina Mitevska , Teona Strugar Mitevska, Guy Nattiv
moderated by Djamila Grandits

The following is inspired by true events. This session invites two directors and actors to chart the metamorphosis of facts into fiction. Macedonian director Teona Mitevska and actress Labina Mitevska, discuss the making of God Exists, Her Name is Petrunya (Competition), dealing with a unique religious ceremony in Eastern Macedonia. They are joined by director Guy Nattiv and actress Danielle Macdonald, who come to the Berlinale with Skin (Panorama), the biographical drama of an American neo-Nazi in search of redemption. Taken as case studies, these films raise fascinating questions regarding the transposition of real events into fiction, the opportunities for political commentary this process offers and the difficulties an actor can face when asked to embody a contemporary.


14:00 - 15:30

Bankruptcy and Resurrection: How Producers Fail Better

Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Cédomir Kolar, Chelsea Winstanley
moderated by Daniel Saltzwedel
Supported by Creative Europe - MEDIA and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This session invites some of the best in the field of film production to be bluntly honest about the tricky side of their business: mistakes and catastrophes. Guests will talk about their company profiles and provide insiders’ views on the experience of seeing a business or a project fail. But that’s only half of the story. Indeed, committed producers put teams back on their feet and lay vital safety nets to ensure worst case scenarios remain just that. We are delighted to welcome back Talents alumna Chelsea from New Zealand, as well as seasoned and daring producer veterans Roshi from Germany and Cédomir from France. If honesty and perseverance are virtues in the film industry, expect the guests to abide by those principles as your questions drive the second half of the session.


15:30 - 16:30

Network Breakout

Supported by Creative Europe - MEDIA and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Stretch your legs and get connected. Spark up a one-on-one discussion with the pro­du­cers of Berlinale Talents 2019 and others from local production companies in Berlin around fresh pretzels and drinks.


15:45 - 16:45

EFM Discovery Tour 2

Sydney Levine
In cooperation with European Film Market.

Who decides what counts as a mistake any­way? The Talents Pool is an interactive for­mat which brings participants from different fields of work together. Your host of the morn­ing is dancer and choreographer Nata­scha Noack, who works at the intersection of language, film, music and movement. After a warm-up through practical exercises, your views take centre stage when it comes to putting your perspectives on what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in relation to those of the others in the group. Departing from the notion that film is the product of ideas exchanged, you are invited to join your fellow Talents on the often beneficial detours caused by making mistakes.


17:00 - 18:30

The States of Mistakes

James Schamus
moderated by Ben Gibson

“Don’t learn too much from your mistakes in this business.” Half-way through our week of “Mistakes", we find a guiding light in producer and writer extraordinaire James Schamus (The Ice Storm, Brokeback Mountain) who takes to the floor to broaden our minds about the many states of failure. In his own screenwriting practise, James favours those he calls the “nobodies” of a story. But who are the nobodies of interest in film and have we mistakenly relegated them to the side-lines? Definitely no stranger to a film industry in which he has worked for nearly thirty years, and being the lateral thinker that he is, James offers an insightful presentation, soberly titled, “Killing It: Career Suicide.”


17:00 - 18:30

Sweet Streams: What’s Next on Netflix for Filmmakers

Tendo Nagenda
moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol
In cooperation with the European Film Market.

Either in terms of content, crews or distribution, hardly any domain in the international film business has gone untouched by the rise of streaming platforms. In a changing industry landscape, where risks and opportunities go hand in hand, sharing knowledge is key. Tendo Nagenda, the VP of Original Films at Netflix, talks about the next steps for the streaming platform and the types of stories and audiences of interest. The session brings Tendo and the Talents together, to find out what the streaming platform can do for emerging directors and producers who want their arthouse films to be financed and shown.


17:00 - 18:30

Open Debates: Participatory Films

Bianca Oana, Adina Pintilie, Jana Gebhard, Maia Santos, Verena von Stackelberg
moderated by Skadi Loist
Supported by Creative Europe - MEDIA.

“Why haven’t you ever asked me ‘what is this film about?” The opening words of Touch Me Not plead for dialogue – this session takes up that offer. At last year’s Berlinale, director and Talents alumna Adina Pintilie and her team won both the Golden Bear and the First Feature Film Award and sold their film worldwide. Despite this success, the film’s topic proved unsettling to some audiences and critics. Yet the choice of a unique distribution strategy – featuring “Open Debates” at festivals and events in cinemas – fosters these discourses and fulfils Adina’s vision of film as unending process, involving crew, cast and audiences. Adina and her producer return to the Berlinale alongside co-curators Maia, Jana and Verena from the Berlin-based WOLF cinema to share ideas and experiences on more inclusive strategies of arthouse promotion.


18:45 - 19:45

Happy Hour

Hosted by European Film Academy. By invitation only.


19:30 - 21:00

Open Studio

Jean-Louis Rodrigue
Open to all Studio participants, as well as dir­ectors and producers, this informal get-to­gether over a drink is an opportunity to talk with your fellows from other fields of work. Also on hand today for a warm-up, the men­tor of the Acting Studio Jean-Louis Rodrigue shares ingredients for smoother relations be­tween actors and ­directors on set.