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11 Feb 2019

08:45 - 10:00

Early Bird Breakfast

Hosted by Adobe.


09:00 - 20:00

Berlinale Talents Market Hub

In partnership with VFF.

10:00 - 11:00

Talents Circles: Fail Forwards

moderated by AC Coppens
Hosted by Adobe.

Spurred on by the theme “Fail Forwards,” in­dus­try experts share their insights into the technical hands-on aspect of making films. Two work stations provided by Adobe give you the opportunity to experiment with their soft­ware, ask questions and get insider tips from the company’s representatives. Editor Aletta von Vietinghoff and the filmmakers of Projekt: Antarktis will also share their ex­pe­ri­ence of working with Adobe Premiere on their latest films, while VR and cross-media guru Liz Rosenthal joins the circles to answer questions about producing and distributing VR projects.

Rufus Deuchler from Adobe and Dennis Vogt, Filmmaker I Projekt: Antarktis
Halina Dryschka, Director, Talents alumna and Antje Lass, Editor
Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Filmmakers I Projekt: Antarktis
Fernando Epstein, Producer I Monos
Liz Rosenthal from Venice Film Festival and Power to the Pixel
Aletta von Vietinghoff, Editor I Reise nach Jerusalem


11:30 - 13:00

Survival Guide: Endangered Images

Nicholas Goodwin, Dirk Meier, Niko Remus
Supported by ARRI.

The well shot, edited and mastered image is an endangered species in the digital era. Not in the least because it is constantly prey to a number of foes: the unverified copy process, the uncalibrated display, a friend doing the DCP for free, the anarchic colour space conversions… Ok, let’s put an end to the list here. Reviewing the most common technical mistakes and showcasing digital workflows as a whole and in detail, this interactive “survival guide,” run by luminaries from the post-production and colour grading worlds, provides you with a deeper understanding of the essence of the image and its winding journey to big screens and small displays. Maintaining the highest quality is everyone’s task, so take this opportunity to refresh the technical strategies that will allow you to effectively protect your precious work.


11:30 - 13:00

Meet the Experts: Rights Clearance

Katharina Domnick, Jessica Loew
It’s never a mistake to know your rights. During this in-depth session, industry law experts who specialise in copyright and media law take the time to answer your questions. Expect to brush up on rights clearances for film, es­pecially those defined by international laws and variations across countries and me­dia formats.


12:00 - 13:15

Talents Pool 1: Improvise to Improve

moderated by Natascha Noack
Who decides what counts as a mistake any­way? The Talents Pool is an interactive ­for­mat which brings participants from dif­ferent fields of work together. Your host of the mor­ning is dancer and choreographer Nata­scha Noack, who works at the intersection of lan­guage, film, music and movement. After a warm-up through practical exercises, your views take centre stage when it comes to put­ting your perspectives on what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in relation to those of the others in the group. Departing from the notion that film is the product of ideas exchanged, you are invited to join your fellow Talents on the often beneficial detours caused by making mistakes.


13:30 - 14:30

Meet the Expert: Documentary

Don Edkins
Don Edkins, filmmaker, producer and founder of AfriDocs – the first weekly primetime docu­mentary strand across Sub-Saharan Africa – shares insider tips regarding documentary distribution and the best festivals and other hubs on the continent and worldwide.


14:00 - 16:00

Festival Film Screening: Chão (Landless)

Camila Freitas, Brazil, 2019, 112 min.
In cooperation with Berlinale Forum.

© Camila Freitas

Over a period of four years, Talents alumna Camila Freitas documented the lives of a group of landless workers who occupy a factory site and demand land reform in the Brazilian state of Goiás. Chão provides insights into the group’s everyday routine, divided between tilling the land, political activism and talk of a better future. The film delves into the microstructures of local political action while demonstrating the Landless Workers Movement’s dependency on national politics, global capital and the agricultural industry. Chão’s honest realism and potent atmospherics is not without its poetic digressions. The film seems all the more potent in a Brazil led by President Jair Bolsonaro, who recently branded the landless as enemies of the nation.


14:00 - 15:30

Mining for the Real: Researching Docs

Nikolaus Geyrhalter
moderated by Djamila Grandits

Parallel realities are subjected to acute observation in the documentaries of Nikolaus Geyrhalter. His cinematic work offers lucid looks at areas and topics such as industrial food production, sexual abuse or the stalled construction of an Austrian border fence. In his most recent work, Earth, screened at Forum, he turns his camera towards our relentless efforts to mine our planet. Characterised by extremely detailed long takes, Geyrhalter’s shoots are preceded by extensive research, the principles of which he will share with the audience. Geyrhalter’s notion of “scripted reality” is of particular interest here, suggesting preparation yet ultimately entrusting the interpretation of the many dimensions of an issue to the audience.


14:00 - 15:30

Neither Wrong Nor Right: Interactive Series

Bass Breche, Amin Dora
moderated by Meredith Burkholder
Within the framework of the Drama Series Days and supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Just how tricky can online storytelling get? Talents Alums, writer Bass Breche and director Amin Dora, the Lebanese architects of numerous interactive web series (Shankaboot.tv, undocumented.xyz), share the intricacies of scripting stories and alternatives. The narrative format is a challenge in itself, as the storytellers engage audiences on the other side of the computer screen with stories and choices folded into a few minutes of film. Although this session departs from practicalities such as the writing, editing and online presentation of a web series, we can click on the opportunity to tackle bigger questions. Indeed, if interactive storytelling presents us with seemingly endless choices, what does this do to our sense of wrong and right? Under the threat of censorship, their choice to tell stories online is anything but anecdotal.


15:30 - 16:30

Meet the Expert: Diverse Networks

Benjamin Lopez
Join in as Benjamin Lopez Munoz, the exe­cu­tive dir­ector of the non-profit and US-based National Association of Latino Inde­pendent Pro­ducers, talks with Talents about diversity and minority representation in front and be­hind the camera.


17:00 - 18:30

Adolescence: The Cinema of Téchiné

André Téchiné
moderated by Peter Cowie
© Photo DDM, archives

The experience of nascent and confusing feelings is vital to the cinema of André Téchiné (Farewell to the Night, Competition). The French master shares insights into the characters he chooses to create, like the rebellious youths of his 1994 success Wild Reeds and the later Being 17, which premiered at the Berlinale in 2016. Interior conflicts often spawn violent outbursts in his work, giving the young actors who embody such protagonists a chance to play a wide emotional register; this is perhaps why Téchiné has helped to launch many actors’ careers. Taking a personal selection of his works into consideration, he discusses his influential casting choices, the creative development of his films and his imaginative responses to challenging production processes.


17:00 - 18:30

World Building Live: Alternate Histories of our Future

General Jeff, Ana López Ortego, Alex McDowell, Paul Moore, Lejla Sadiku
moderated by Juan DiazB
In cooperation with the USC/ World Building Institute, Los Angeles.

Questioning political climates, migratory dynamics, environmental conditions and lifestyle, filmmakers are challenged to create worlds that cope with these realities while remaining visionary enough to promote alternative views. World Building is an iterative and collaborative practice at the intersection of design, technology, and narrative art in which the deep understanding of a world precedes the telling of a story. At this live World Building session, a group of experts from the fields of architecture, design, international development and social innovation engage with Talents and the audience in a hands-on workshop to visualize an alternate history of our present and recreate the future.


17:00 - 18:30

M - The Making of a Series

Christoph Brunner, Martin Gschlacht, Hannes Salat
moderated by Andrew Amondson
Within the framework of the Drama Series Days and supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

© Pertramer/Pichler / Superfilm

Successive storytelling is what first comes to mind when we think about series. But that’s only part of the puzzle. Descend into the underworlds of M – A City Hunts a Murderer, the serial adaption of Fritz Lang’s 1931 masterpiece. The cinematographer, production designer and editor shed light on the benefits of their multi-layered collaboration during production. These experts from the world of film (collaborators on Ulrich Seidl’s In the Basement and the horror-hit Goodnight Mommy) tell us about the specificities of workflows and the shared responsibilities of each department under the circumstances of serial production.


17:00 - 18:00

Battle for the Big Screen: Future of Cinema

Philipp Eichholtz, Sanam Gharagozlou, Sigrid Limprecht
moderated by Anne Lakeberg
In cooperation with Berlinale Goes Kiez.

We all love cinema but it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the changes occurring in the age of growing streaming platforms. This open roundtable, located in one of Berlin’s traditional community cinemas, gathers sales agents, distributors and producers along with cinema owners and the audience to define the unique selling points of watching films collectively. Bringing open-minded people from different backgrounds together, including the arthouse streamer MUBI, we want to shift the often stale “online vs. offline” battle towards a more nuanced understanding between those who, each in their own way, fight for films to be seen and loved.


18:45 - 19:45

Happy Hour

Hosted by the Norwegian Film Institute. By invitation only.


19:30 - 21:30

Adobe Live at Berlinale Talents

Konstantin Bock, Dennis Vogt, Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Susan Korda
moderated by Rufus Deuchler
Supported by Adobe.

Drop in for this live Adobe stream-session, led by editing experts and Talents who re­work samples of their choosing. Follow their manoeuvres and suggestions on the pro­ject­ed screen and make sure to get a few tricky questions in while you can! (This event is conducted in German).