Ticketing Information for Summit Events

13 Feb 2017

08:45 - 10:00

Early Bird Breakfast

Hosted by Berlinale Talents.


09:00 - 20:00

Berlinale Talents Market Hub

In partnership with VFF.


10:00 - 11:00

Talents Circles: Be a Rebel With a Cause

moderated by AC Coppens
Inspired by the theme, "Be a Rebel with a Cause," industry experts highlight daring ways to tell and produce cinematic stories today. Liz Rosenthal of "Power to the Pixel" answers questions about how digital and connected media drives an abundance of content and ever-evolving formats and platforms for storytelling. The head of Talents Buenos Aires introduces the South American offshoot of Berlinale Talents.


11:30 - 13:00

Doc Different: Co-Producing Culture

Dorothee Wenner, Elise McCave, Kimberly Drew, Nanna Heidenreich
moderated by Alison Norrington

Making a documentary easily spans years, and during this development and production process often more cultural exchange and impact is created than during the so-called “theatrical release.” Bringing together the knowledge of filmmakers, curators, writers, bloggers and specialists for audience engagement, we explore how the web can enable us to rethink documentary production as an ongoing, holistic and culturally more diverse and democratic process. Topics to consider include cutting-edge interactive and cross-cultural work models, research and the creation of a public archive and how audience engagement helps grow a project’s effect at all stages.


11:30 - 12:30

Meet the Expert: Casting

Iris Baumüller
A casting director based in Berlin and Cologne, Iris Baumüller has been involved in the discovery and promotion of new acting talent for many years for both German and international film and TV productions. She can answer all your questions about the creative and logistical dimensions of casting.


11:30 - 12:30

Meet the Experts: Rights Clearance

Jessica Loew, Anna-Lisa Kühn
Get explanations and advice from industry law experts who specialize in copyright and media law. They can answer questions about the rights clearances that are necessary at different steps of the creative process, keeping in mind international laws and those that change across borders and media formats.


12:00 - 13:00

Talents Pool 1

moderated by Kristian Petersen
Do you ever feel that other key crew positions don't understand what you're going through or what you need? Building understanding, communication and support between departments of a film production is crucial to ensure a smooth workflow and successful creative execution. New this year, the Talents Pool is an interactive format that brings participants from specific fields of work together. A host introduces topics and your opinions and experiences influence the further course of the session. You are the expert. So please come prepared to let us know your style of work and the best and worst moments you've experienced on the job. Your colleagues will appreciate your generosity and frankness as they get to know you better. Today's pool is reserved for directors, producers, editors, sound designers and composers.


13:30 - 14:30

Meet the Expert: Crowdfunding

Elise McCave
Following the session "Doc Different: Co-Producing Culture," meet Elise McCave, the Director of Narrative Film at Kickstarter. In an intimate setting, Elise can answer all your questions about the potential impacts of crowdfunding and how our partnership with the platform helps Talents to kick-start projects.


14:00 - 16:00

Alumni Film Screening: Rifle

Davi Pretto, Brazil | Germany, 2016, 88 min.
In cooperation with Berlinale Forum.

© Rodrigo Migliorin

A taciturn former soldier is employed to guard a small landholder’s estate. When an agricultural company seeks to buy up the land, he reacts in drastic fashion. A modern Western that plays out across the empty plains of southern Brazil. Developed in the Talent Project Market in 2015, Rifle was realized through the tag-team efforts of Talents alumni contributing as director, editor and sound designer. Current Talents Marcos Lopes and Glauco Firpo also contributed as sound designer/composer and cinematographer, respectively.


14:00 - 15:30

Body Experience: Sounds From Insides

Nicolas Becker, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
moderated by Milena Fessmann

Often these days the canned scores of blockbusters seem almost indistinguishable. But why leave your audience tone-deaf when half the impact of a good story emanates from an original soundtrack? Through a range of collaborations from experimental (A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness) to major productions (Arrival), artist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and sound designer and foley artist Nicolas Becker have developed a unique working relationship. Rather than composing, they improvise, let go, jam. They prefer field recordings to library sounds and use their voices and bodies as instruments, turning sounds into music and music into sounds. Through a mix of talk and performance, the two make tangible how creating scores can be a collective discovery trip that demands complete physical play.


14:30 - 17:00

On Location: Berlin Station

Hagen Bogdanski, Michael Scheel, Marco Bittner Rosser, ...
moderated by Andrew Amondson
Supported by ARRI and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Berlin’s location at the heart of Europe has set it historically as a hotbed of espionage, and Berlin Station, Epix’s new hit series shot entirely on location in town, casts the moody metropolis as a haven of spies. This case study provides in-depth insights into the on-set processes of production of the series. Crew members tackle moments from pre-production and challenges faced while shooting, including organizing the team, equipment, locations, scenery and time schedules. Experts of key departments discuss crafting a visual approach, lighting and set design, as well as the logistics and creative considerations of using Berlin as location. Get also a glimpse into the underlying infrastructure of the series’ digital workflows.


16:00 - 17:00

EFM Discovery Tour

Sydney Levine
In cooperation with European Film Market.

The European Film Market (EFM) is the industry center of the Berlinale and a major hub for international film and drama series professionals including distributors, buyers, producers, financiers and sales agents. Located at the Martin Gropius Bau, the EFM is a bustling nine-day trade fair where over 8,000 participants from 100 countries attend and over 800 films are presented. Sydney Levine, a pioneer acquisitions executive, conducts two tours of the inner workings of the EFM for first-timers.


17:00 - 18:30

World Building Live: Future Cities, Surveillance and Spectacle

Alex McDowell, Trisha Williams, Itamar Kubovy, Kamal Sinclair
moderated by Juan DiazB
In cooperation with the USC/ World Building Institute, Los Angeles.

World building designates an iterative and collaborative narrative practice in which the deep understanding of a world precedes the telling of a story. Interdisciplinary experts and Talents engage the audience in a session to holistically visualize the future reality of cities and the cinematic stories that will emerge within them. The ubiquitous presence of screens, cameras, wearables, tracking, big data and personalized media constantly blur the boundaries between surveillance and spectacle. Culture, politics, architecture, fashion and social interaction are reshaped - and so is film. Through human narratives, we redefine the capability of storytelling to construct our world.


17:00 - 18:30

I'm British But ... The Many States of Film

Gurinder Chadha
moderated by Ben Gibson

Gurinder Chadha became a household name in the UK with the runaway success of Bend It Like Beckham, in 2002 the highest-grossing British film to date at the national box office. Born in Nairobi of Punjabi Sikh Kenyan Asian origin, Chadha grew up in England, and her experiences coming-of-age as a British woman in the Indian diaspora figure prominently in the stories and characters of her films. A queen of comedy amongst other genres, Chadha’s works progressively address the social and emotional issues faced by immigrants. Chadha takes time away from the premiere of her newest film, Viceroy's House, to tell the story of how the outspoken girl, who refused to cook Indian food, ended up bravely taking the film world by storm.


17:00 - 18:00

Meet the Expert: Documentary

Don Edkins
Filmmaker, producer and founder of AfriDocs, the first weekly primetime documentary strand across Sub-Saharan Africa, Don Edkins shares insider tips regarding documentary distribution and the best festivals and other hubs on the continent and worldwide.