Berlinale Talents
February 8 – 13, 2014

Berlin Today Award

The Berlin Today Award was the Short Film Competition of the Berlinale Talent Campus from 2003-2012, and was funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.
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Rafael Balulu, winner of the 2012 Berlin Today Award for his film Batman at the Checkpoint. © Peter Himsel, Berlinale 2012

Berlin Today Award 2012

Every Step You Take: Small decisions we take in everyday life intrinsically influence our near future. Whether political or private, it is these moments of taking a step, the Berlin Today Award 2012 is looking for.

The finalists:
A Little Suicide
Batman at the Checkpoint
Five Ways to Kill a Man
White Lobster
Berlin Today Award 2011 winner Kyoko Miyake proudly presents her statuette. © Peter Himsel, Berlinale 2011

Berlin Today Award 2011

“Leaving the Familiar Sector”: Since its invention, cinema has helped us to imagine what our lives could be like and how the world could look.

The finalists:
The Day We Danced on the Moon
Little Red
Mummy's Little Helper
Spoilt Broth
Hackney Lullabies

Berlin Today Award 2010

"Straight to cinema": Passion for cinema is still alive and kicking. Filmmakers around the world dream of presenting their movies on the big screen.

The finalists:
Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness
By Night
The Astronaut on the Roof

Flyer of the BTA 2009

Berlin Today Award 2009

"My Wall": In 2009, to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the edition of the competition focused on the theme “My Wall”.

The finalists:
My Super Sea Wall
The Berlin Wall

Award Ceremony of the "Berlin Today Award". © Berlin Today Award 2008

Berlin Today Award 2008

The winner of the Berlin Today Award 2008 is: Maheen Zia from Pakistan for Match Factor, starring Anneke Kim Sarnau and Navid Akhavan.

The finalists:
The Last Wash
Match Factor
Berlin Hair Today

The winners of the BTA 2007: Kasia and Andrew for WASSERSCHLACHT - THE GREAT BORDER BATTLE. © Peter Himsel, Berlin Today Award 2007

Berlin Today Award 2007

The winner of the Berlin Today Award 2007 is Wasserschlacht - The Great Border Battle by Andrew Friedman (US) and Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (Poland)

The finalists:
The Woolen Hat
Shanty Garden Town
Wasserschlacht - The Great Border Battle

Participants and organiser of the BTA SummerCampus 2005. © Judith Lenze, Berlin Today Award 2006

Berlin Today Award 2006

The winner of the Berlin Today Award 2006 is BerlinBall, by Anna Azevedo from Brazil. A touching documentary about the brazilian hometown of Hertha's famous soccerplayer Marcelinho.

The finalists:
Under these Wings
If You Need Me

ALRIGHT LOVE. Samuli Valkama and Roman Sorger. © Soeren Stache, Berlin Today Award 2005

Berlin Today Award 2005

The winners of the Berlin Today Award 2005 are Samuli Valkama (Director) & Roman Sorger (Creative Producer) for their poetic lovestory Alright Love.

The finalists:
If I were a fish
Bucuresti – Berlin
Alright Love

Press conference 11th February 2004: The three new advisors of the BTA 2005, Michael Verhoeven, Hans-Christian Schmid and Maria Köpf (from left to right). © Peter Himsel, Berlin Today Award 2004

Berlin Today Award 2004

The winner of the Berlin Today Award 2004 is BerlinBeirut! On 11 February 2004, Myrna Maakaron received the first BERLIN TODAY AWARD at a gala ceremony.

The finalists:
Berlin Backstage
Best of the Wurst

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