Berlinale Talents
February 8 – 13, 2014

Catherine Buresi

Former deputy director of the Berlinale’s European Film Market since 2008, and has been the team leader of the Euromed Audiovisual Technical assistance since 2006. Formerly 
chief executive at "EAVE", a training programme for European producers and related professionals.

last update: October 25, 2013

Previous programme events:

08.02.2004 - Filmmaking And Politics

Udi Aloni, Alan Badiou, Catherine Buresi, Slavoj Zizek

presented by Heinrich Böll Stiftung

12.02.2008 - Southern Passages

Hazim Bitar, David Fisher, Irit Neidhardt, Abdelaziz Taleb, Jane Williams, moderated by Catherine Buresi, Bärbel Mauch

The discussion will focus on filmmaking conditions specific to MEDA-countries, co-production opportunities between filmmakers in MEDA-countries and Europe, and cooperation perspectives between filmmakers within the MEDA-region. It will also examine the requirements for regional possibilities to finance, produce, market and distribute films. Guest speakers will talk about their own body of work, the ­programmes and initiatives they represent. The panel will also go into the local and global distribution of films with particular focus on the outlook for cooperations on an intra-MEDA regional level.

16.02.2010 - Brussels In Berlin: How To Produce In Europe

Britta Knöller, Tomas Leyers, Soon-Mi Peten, David Thion, moderated by Catherine Buresi

In cooperation with MEDIA and European Film Market.

The producer's task to bring together filmmakers with com---pel--ling stories and professionals who are able to shoot, (script) edit, post-produce and sell the film hasn't become easier with European co-production regulations. Increasingly, reality on the ground requires several parts of the filmmaking process to be divided amongst professionals working all over the continent. Successful film producers Britta Knöller, David Thion and Tomas Leyers, whose projects were supported by MEDIA, talk about how they managed to maximise co-production and bring together the best professionals in Europe. Together with MEDIA Development representative Soon-Mi Peten, the producers will discuss how MEDIA, aware of these complexities, assists producers and filmmakers by preparing them to find the right people abroad and to ensure that the films reach the audience. Over the past 16 years, MEDIA, the EU's support programme for the European audiovisual industry, has supported the development and distribution of thousands of films as well as training activities, festivals and promotion projects throughout the continent. MEDIA is one of the Berlinale Talent Campus’ most essential partners.

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