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Thursday, February 18, 2016

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HAU2 08:45 - 10:00 Talents only

Early Bird Breakfast

Hosted by Berlinale Talents.

Rise and shine one last time for family breakfast and a session about life after Berlinale Talents!
HAU2 10:00 - 11:00 Talents only

Talents Circle: What's Next? Berlinale Worldwide Network

moderated by AC Coppens

Isona Admettla (World Cinema Fund), Kathi Bildhauer (Talent Project Market), Martina Bleis (Berlinale Co-Production Market), Vincenzo Bugno (World Cinema Fund), Thomas Hailer (Berlinale Curator), Karin Hoffinger (Int. Relations Berlinale), Kim Kapischke (Berlinale Generation), Arne Kohlweyer (Berlinale Talents), Sirkka Möller (Berlinale Talents), Nikolaj Nikitin (Berlinale Delegate), Christiane Steiner (Berlinale Talents), Christine Tröstrum (Berlinale Talents), Florian Weghorn (Berlinale Talents).

This final Talents Circle informs you about the opportunities available to Talents to stay connected and involved after leaving Berlin. Talents team members show how to take advantage of the alumni network and answer questions about the Berlinale Talents Project Labs, which are also open to alumni. Representatives of the Berlinale and its regional delegates are also on hand to give an overview of the Co-Production Market, the World Cinema Fund, the Berlinale's regional networks and how to submit your films.
Moderated by

photo of AC Coppens

AC Coppens

AC Coppens is the founder of Marketing Catalysts, which boosts the development of innovative players at the intersection of film, AR/VR, games, music, design and tech. She mentors interactive and transmedia projects at the Tribeca Film Institute, Medienboard / Made in NY Media Centre Media Residency, DOK Leipzig and Story:First Digital Storytelling Lab, and is a programme curator for film conferences such as CPH:DOX Film & Science and Changing the Picture.

Berlinale Talents Market Hub 09:00 - 20:00 Talents only

Berlinale Talents Market Hub

In partnership with VFF.

CineStar 7 10:00 - 11:15 public event

The Dolby Atmos® Master Class

Christian Conrad, Lars Ginzel

In cooperation with Dolby®Laboratories and The Post Republic.

Dolby®Laboratories hosts this master class to offer theoretical and technical insights into the practical applications of its new technology Dolby Atmos®. Sound designer and composer Christian Conrad and re-recording mixer and sound designer Lars Ginzel present excerpts from their recent works in Dolby Atmos®, the new sound system that transports you into the story with breathtaking, moving audio that fills the cinema and flows all around you.
photo of Christian Conrad

Christian Conrad

Christian Conrad has worked as an award-winning sound designer and sound editor since 1999, collaborating with directors such as Istvan Szabo, Detlev Buck, Nicolas Winding Refn, Wolfgang Becker and Marjane Satrapi. He has held various teaching positions at film schools and has lectured at workshops for the Dolby Atmos system. He has been nominated twice for Best Sound Design at the German Film Awards and for a Golden Reel Award from the Motion Picture Sound Editors in the United States.

photo of Lars Ginzel

Lars Ginzel

Lars Ginzel is a German re-recording mixer who has worked on a variety of international films, such as WALTZ WITH BASHIR, ENTER THE VOID, WINTER SLEEP and CLOUD ATLAS. His recent work includes contributing to this year’s Oscar nominee LAND OF MINE, the BAFTA-nominated THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, the German coming-of-age story TSCHICK and the Berlinale competition contender A FANTASTIC WOMAN. He won Best Sound Design at the German Film Awards for REQUIEM in 2006.
imdb profile

HAU1 11:30 - 13:30 public event

Screening Shorts: A Film Compilation from Berlinale Shorts and Generation

Esteban Arrangoiz, Stephen Bookas, Bentley Brown, Tristan Daws, Pham Ngoc Lan, Erik Schmitt
moderated by Florian Weghorn

In cooperation with Berlinale Shorts and Berlinale Generation.

Big things come in small packages! This programme features a selection of short films that are screening in the official programmes of Berlinale Shorts and Generation. Berlinale Shorts is known for premiering bold approaches to the short form and Generation features a strong line-up for audiences of all ages. Don't miss these films that are competing for Golden and Crystal Bears and the extended Q&A with the filmmakers following the screening. Included are Talents alumni films Refugee Blues, co-directed by Tristan Daws (Talents 2010); The Diver directed by Esteban Arrangoiz (Talents 2012); Oustaz directed by Bentley Brown (Talents 2014) and Another City by director Lan Pham Ngoc (Talents 2015).
photo of Esteban Arrangoiz

Esteban Arrangoiz

Born in Mexico City in 1979, he took degrees in media and cultural studies in Australia and in filmmaking at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos/UNAM in Mexico City. In 2012 he participated in Berlinale Talents. His short films screened at national and international festivals. He has recently also begun working in the field of video installation.

photo of Stephen Bookas

Stephen Bookas

Der deutsch-amerikanische Filmemacher, Produzent und Kameramann arbeitet auf der ganzen Welt. Als Regisseur und Kameramann hat er viele preisgekrönte Kurzfilme gedreht, u. a. in Sibirien, der Türkei, der Ukraine, in Polen, Italien, Mexiko, China, Kuba und Nord-Korea. Derzeit arbeitet er an seinem ersten abendfüllenden Dokumentarfilm. Er lebt in London.

photo of Bentley Brown

Bentley Brown

Born in Dallas, USA in 1988, he moved with his family to Chad in central Africa in 1999. He has a BA in international studies from Emory University in Atlanta and an MA in culture and technology from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. He currently teaches filmmaking at a university for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

photo of Tristan Daws

Tristan Daws

Der Dokumentarfilmregisseur lebt in London; seine Arbeiten haben häufig die marginalisierten Mitglieder der Gesellschaft zum Thema und beschäftigen sich insbesondere mit Themen der psychischen Verfasstheit von Menschen. Er hat Dokumentationen in Brasilien, Russland, Serbien und Irland gedreht. Derzeit arbeitet er an der Postproduktion seiner ersten abendfüllenden Dokumentation.

photo of Pham Ngoc Lan

Pham Ngoc Lan

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, he studied urban planning at Hanoi Architectural University. His photographic and video work focuses on the influence of cityscapes on human relationships. His debut short film THE STORY OF ONES screened in numerous film festivals and art museums, including Visions du Réel in Switzerland and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Japan. In 2015 he participated in the Short Film Station at Berlinale Talents.

photo of Erik Schmitt

Erik Schmitt

Born in Mainz, Germany in 1980, he founded the Kamerapferd production company with Stephan Müller in 2010. Together they produce short films, music videos and commercials grappling with diverse in-camera techniques with the help of stop motion animation, tricks of perspective and special sets. His short film NASHORN IM GALOPP (RHINO FULL THROTTLE) screened at over 120 festivals and won more than 60 awards. He is currently working with friends to develop the screenplay for his first feature film, with support from the Wim Wenders Foundation.

Moderated by

photo of Florian Weghorn

Florian Weghorn

Florian has been the programme manager of Berlinale Talents since 2014. Together with Christine Tröstrum he is responsible for the yearly summit in Berlin and the further development of the six offshoots of Berlinale Talents worldwide. Florian studied theatre, film and television studies at the University of Cologne, and gained a master’s degree majoring in the ‘Visual Language of Melancholy in Film’. Florian joined the Berlin International Film Festival in 2002, initially working for the Generation section. From 2008 to 2014 he served as the section’s co-director and as a curator of its short and feature-length film programmes. He is also a member of the selection committee for the Berlinale Competition. Apart from the Berlinale, Florian worked for other international film festivals and cultural institutions. He is an author and editor of several publications addressing film and youth culture.

HAU3 - Top Floor 11:30 - 13:30 public event

Talents Teddy Talk: The Finally New Queer Cinema?

Sara Jordenö, Händl Klaus, Bruce LaBruce, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Christine Vachon
moderated by Toby Ashraf

In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama/ TEDDY 30.

Since its inauguration in 1987, the Teddy Award has made the Berlinale a home for queer cinema. It stands for the recognition of the many facets of a cinema that resists sexual stereotypes and any kind of heteronormativity. To celebrate the Teddy’s 30th birthday, this session invites Talents and festival filmmakers to join pioneering producer Christine Vachon (2016 Special Teddy Award for lifetime achievement) in an interactive “town hall meeting”-style discussion on the present and future of queer cinema worldwide. How can we define queer cinema, which, as a matter of principle, eludes any plain definition? Is “queer” more a cinematic art form than a character's concern? What has been the evolving role of queer cinema lately for filmmakers and audiences in different cultures and societies? Please come out with your opinions.
photo of Sara Jordenö

Sara Jordenö

Sara Jordenö is a NYC and Gothenburg-based Swedish visual artist and documentary filmmaker whose stories often concern communities facing different types of marginalization and how they position themselves in the world. Her cinematic projects and commissions have been shown internationally at venues such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Viennale, 5th Berlin Biennial, The Modern Museum, Stockholm, GIBCA, Gothenburg, the Kitchen and MoMA PS1. KIKI is her feature documentary debut.

photo of Händl Klaus

Händl Klaus

Born in the Tyrol, Austria in 1969, he studied acting in Vienna and then joined the ensemble at the Schauspielhaus in the same city. He took smaller parts in films by Christian Berger, Urs Egger, Michael Haneke, Jessica Hausner, Dagmar Knopfel and others. Since 1994 he has been writing prose and plays for the radio and theatre as well as opera librettos for Beat Furrer, Georg Friedrich Haas, Arnulf Herrmann, Heinz Holliger, Klaus Lang and Hector Parra. His debut feature film MARZ (MARCH) won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2008.

photo of Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce

Canadian writer and director. He has published articles on film and music, worked as an actor and made a name for himself as a photographer. His award-winning films include THE RASPBERRY REICH, OTTO OR UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE, L.A. ZOMBIE and GERONTOPHILIA. His film PIERROT LUNAIRE premiered at the Forum Expanded section and won the Teddy Award at the 2014 Berlinale.

photo of Akosua Adoma  Owusu

Akosua Adoma Owusu

Born in Alexandria, USA in 1984, she studied art and media at the University of Virginia followed by film and art at the California Institute of the Arts. Her films have won many awards at international festivals. “Indiewire” recently named her amongst the six pre-eminent avant-garde filmmakers redefining cinema. She is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talents and lives and works in the USA and Ghana.
imdb profile

photo of Christine Vachon

Christine Vachon

American producer, who co-founded Killer Films in 1995. Over the past decade and a half, she has produced some of the most celebrated American indie features including FAR FROM HEAVEN (nominated for four Academy Awards), STILL ALICE (Academy Award winner), BOYS DON'T CRY (Academy Award winner), ONE HOUR PHOTO, KIDS, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, HAPPINESS, VELVET GOLDMINE, SAFE, I SHOT ANDY WARHOL, CAMP, SWOON and I'M NOT THERE (Academy Award nominated). In television, Vachon recently executive-produced the Emmy and Golden Globe winning miniseries MILDRED PIERCE for HBO and an upcoming series on Amazon based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald. Other recent work includes: KILL YOUR DARLINGS, MAGIC MAGIC, CAROL directed by Todd Haynes and WIENER-DOG written and directed by Todd Solondz.
imdb profile

Moderated by

photo of Toby Ashraf

Toby Ashraf

Toby Ashraf is a journalist, curator, translator and film professional based in Berlin. He writes for various publications and moderates film talks such as Berlinale Forum and Berlinale Generation. In 2014 he founded the Berlin Art Film Festival, and in 2015 he won the Siegfried Kracauer Prize for Best Film Review. He is part of the commission of the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) and organises CIMA BERLIN, a series of monthly screenings of queer Berlin films with live Arabic translation for refugees.

HAU1 - Attic Room 11:30 - 12:30 Talents only

Meet the Expert: Beatrice Kruger

Beatrice Kruger

A casting director based in Rome, Beatrice Kruger has been involved in the discovery and promotion of new acting talent for many years and developed the idea and concept for the multi-language casting platform:
photo of Beatrice Kruger

Beatrice Kruger

As a casting director based in Rome she is responsible for CASERTA PALACE DREAM, THE CUT, THE WHOLLY FAMILY, THE AMERICAN, TEN WINTERS and MY MOTHER'S SMILE and for the European or Italian casting of TO ROME WITH LOVE, LETTERS TO JULIET, THE TOURIST, NINE, THE INTERNATIONAL, CASINO ROYALE, OCEAN'S TWELVE and many more. Beatrice is also founder of the European casting platform
imdb profile

Other Venues 13:00 - 17:30 Talents only

Excursion to tectum

In cooperation with tectum - film equipment rental. Pre-registration required.

Calling all cinematographers and camera tech enthusiasts! tectum shows current trends in the production environment. As a specialist for stereo 3D, 360° and highspeed footage acquisition, tectum presents different solutions in these fields to participating Talents. Furthermore Sony‘s new full-frame camera is on hand for comparison to the Canon 5D.
Other Venues II 14:00 - 16:30 Talents only

Excursion to Forum Expanded

In cooperation with Berlinale Forum Expanded. Pre-registration required.

Presenting film, video, installation and performative works on varying themes, Forum Expanded provides a critical perspective and an expanded sense of cinematography. Join this excursion and get a guided tour of the exhibition "Traversing the Phantasm" to discover some of the festival‘s most innovative experimentations with film and media art.
HAU1 14:30 - 16:00 public event

In the Nest: Drama Series Made by Talents

Jessica Luz, Filipe Matzembacher, Germano de Oliveira, Marcio Reolon
moderated by Florian Weghorn

Brazilian co-directors Filipe Matzembacher (BT 2016) and Marcio Reolon (Talents Buenos Aires 2014) charmed Berlinale audiences last year with their first feature film Seashore, which premiered in the Forum section. Their newest work, The Nest, is a melancholic and captivating miniseries that follows a young man, who while searching for his long-missed brother, finds a home amongst his brother’s friends and memories. The Nest was produced by the couple’s company with the contributions of their frequent collaborators, including producer Jessica Luz (TPM 2016), sound designer Tiago Bello (BT 2013) and editor Germano de Oliveira (BT 2016). The crew reunites for this screening of two episodes and to talk about how behind-the-scenes teamwork is a recipe for onscreen success.
photo of Jessica Luz

Jessica Luz

Brazilian producer who graduated from UNISINOS with a degree in Journalism and Filmmaking. Since 2015, she teaches film production at UNISINOS. As a creative producer Jessica is focused on development, script editing, as well as production. Based in Porto Alegre, she is partner at Besouro Filmes since 2006, where she has produced several shorts, feature films and TV programs. As a free-lance, Jessica works with Jorge Furtado’s Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre and other companies, where she deals with the role of planning large scale shoots. She currently develops the next feature film projects NEONBOY by Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolon supported by the Hubert Bals Fund and the documentary 5 HOUSES, by Bruno Gularte Barreto with the IDFA Bertha Fund.

photo of Filipe Matzembacher

Filipe Matzembacher

Brazilian writer, producer and director and a Talent in 2016. After several short films his autobiographical feature debut SEASHORE, co-directed with Marcio Reolon, premiered at last year's Berlinale Forum section and won the Special Jury Prize at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

photo of Germano de Oliveira

Germano de Oliveira

Graduated in cinema at the Universidade do Rio dos Sinos. Master degree in communication in course, at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. In 2011, he did an internship as assistant editor in the production company Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, where he got to edit two short films, and a feature film. Partner at the production company Avante Filmes since 2013. Curator and producer of the film festival Diálogo de Cinema (Cinema Dialogue), that occurs in the city of Porto Alegre. Director of two short films. Editor of three feature films, more than ten short films, and two TV series, and assistant editor of several film and TV productions. Assistant director of one feature film and four short films.

photo of Marcio Reolon

Marcio Reolon

Having started his career as an actor, Marcio later graduated from film school specializing in directing and writing. In 2010, he started a production company, Avante Filmes. He directed several shorts and 2 TV series and is producer and programmer of two film festivals: CLOSE - International LGBT Film Festival (in its fifth edition) and Diálogo de Cinema (in its third edition). In 2015, he released his first feature film, SEASHORE, that premiered at last year's Berlinale Forum, and is currently in development of his second feature film NEONBOY.

Moderated by

photo of Florian Weghorn

Florian Weghorn

Florian has been the programme manager of Berlinale Talents since 2014. Together with Christine Tröstrum he is responsible for the yearly summit in Berlin and the further development of the six offshoots of Berlinale Talents worldwide. Florian studied theatre, film and television studies at the University of Cologne, and gained a master’s degree majoring in the ‘Visual Language of Melancholy in Film’. Florian joined the Berlin International Film Festival in 2002, initially working for the Generation section. From 2008 to 2014 he served as the section’s co-director and as a curator of its short and feature-length film programmes. He is also a member of the selection committee for the Berlinale Competition. Apart from the Berlinale, Florian worked for other international film festivals and cultural institutions. He is an author and editor of several publications addressing film and youth culture.

HAU3 - Top Floor 14:30 - 16:00 public event

Natural Tones: The Music of The Revenant

Carsten Nicolai
moderated by Milena Fessmann

In his sound-driven work, Berlin-based artist and composer Carsten Nicolai seeks to overcome a separation of art forms and genres, looking for symbioses between disciplines. Influenced by scientific reference systems, Nicolai often engages mathematic patterns such as grids and codes. A long-time collaborator of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nicolai (under the pseudonym alva noto) recently composed with Sakamoto the score of Alejandro G. Iñárritu's The Revenant. Nicolai embarks on a sonic journey into the nature of his collaboration with Sakamoto and others. Presenting excerpts from his compositions and audio works, he goes back to the foundations of his practice and shows how seemingly distinct media and genres can be synthesized to striking effect.
photo of Carsten Nicolai

Carsten Nicolai

German artist and musician under the pseudonym Alva Noto. He is co-founder of the label Raster-noton, and his musical projects include collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ryoji Ikeda (cyclo), Blixa Bargeld and Mika Vainio. He performed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou in Paris and Tate Modern in London. Most recently Nicolai scored the music for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s newest film THE REVENANT. His visual art has featured in important international exhibitions like documenta and the Venice Biennale, as well as in extensive solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Moderated by

photo of Milena Fessmann

Milena Fessmann

Milena Fessmann has worked as a full-time DJ since 1991. She has had her own long-running shows on Berlin’s Radio Eins since 2001 - first “After-Work Lounge” and, more recently, “Free Falling”. She has moderated numerous events and panels, and teaches music supervising and copyright clearance at the DFFB film school in Berlin. She is the CEO of the film production company Sugar Town and is currently producing the documentary THE POTENTIAL OF NOISE - CONNY PLANK.
imdb profile

HAU2 17:00 - 18:00 public event


Hosted by Deutsche Welle.

Is there a point to filmmaking at times of conflict and war in the Middle East? Reaching millions of viewers across the Arab world and produced by Deutsche Welle, the interactive, innovative talk show “ShababTalk” critically confronts socially-charged topics like human rights, freedom of speech and press, religion and sexuality. “Shabab” means “youth” in Arabic, and its wild popularity reflects an interest amongst the region’s youth in controversial, progressive issues. Join host Jaafar Abdul Karim for a special edition of ShababTalk featuring Talents and filmmakers from the region as guests, discussing the role and daily lives of artists in the Arab world and whether filmmaking has any impact on society in times of war and conflict. In Arabic language with English translation. (Ticket free of charge)
HAU1 17:00 - 18:30 public event

To the Dark Side: Investigative Documentary

Alex Gibney
moderated by Dorothee Wenner

Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning documentary director (Taxi to the Dark Side), has never shied away from a cover-up or a controversy. Known for tackling unsavory subjects obscured by power and corruption and shedding light on uncomfortable truths through sharp investigative strategies, Gibney has left a lasting mark on the genre. "I am interested in abuses of power and deception, and self-deception," proclaims Gibney, whose Zero Days, a doc about cyber-crime and internet surveillance, celebrates its world premiere in Competition. Taking time away from the red carpet, Gibney joins to discuss how he carefully dismantles his topics to unveil their complex inherent connections. What are the responsibilities of a documentarian to his sources, whose secrets at times must be alternately exposed and protected?

photo of Alex Gibney

Alex Gibney

US documentary director, who has won the Academy Award, the Emmy, the Grammy, the Peabody, the DuPont-Columbia, The Independent Spirit, and The Writers Guild of America Award, to name just a few. He won the Academy Award for TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE and was nominated for ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM. His 2013 film for HBO, MEA MAXIMA CULPA: SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD, won three Emmys and a Peabody Award. He also won an Emmy that year for Showtime’s THE HISTORY OF THE EAGLES. His latest film, GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF, premiered at Sundance in 2015 and has been nominated for 7 Emmy Awards alongside his two-part documentary about Frank Sinatra ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL.

Moderated by

photo of Dorothee Wenner

Dorothee Wenner

A documentary filmmaker, author and journalist, Dorothee Wenner has been on the selection committee of Berlinale Forum since 1990 and serves as the Berlinale delegate for India and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is also a founding jury member of the Africa Movie Academy Awards.
imdb profile

Other Venues 22:00 - 23:59 Talents only

Closing Party

In cooperation with Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Creative Europe MEDIA, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. By invitation only.

It's getting hot in here! All Talents, experts and sponsors are invited to unwind and get down at the Berlinale Talents Closing Party.